Market Watch

Thursday 2021-10-21   

Trading Session Trading PeriodDescription Of Trading Session
Pre-Open9:45-10:00In this explorative session, orders may be entered or Change or cancelled and data available through the trading system can be investigated. No transactions are executed.
Opening 10:00At this time, the trading system calculates opening prices of securities (for different symbols). Orders of buying and selling are executed at these prices.
Continuous Trading10:00-13:00Transactions are executed throughout this session. Members continue to enter, modify or cancel orders. Data provided by the trading system and any further information remains available.
Pre-Close13:00-13:30During this session, members can view data and information and print necessary reports. They also can modify trading transactions in accordance with the Exchange rules Through the Trading Department at the Exchange. No further transactions or orders entry are allowed.
Close13:30At this time, the trading session officially ends and the closing prices for different symbols are set. Upon entering the closing session, the trading system remains available to members for reviewing data and printing reports.

Trading Summary
($) Traded Value
Traded Volume
Al-Quds Index(%)
Securities Summary
Listed Securities
Most Active Volume
$ Most Active Value
Beneficiaries Trading Commission/SharesTrading Commission/Bonds
Palestine Capital Market Authority0.00050.0003
Palestine Exchange0.0020.0007
Brokerage Firm0.00470.001
Total  0.0072  0.002 *
* USD 1.5 floor (separated equally for PEX and the brokerage firm).